“There’s a pretty good chance you are going to die with that plan.”
A reddit.com user

Welcome to The green spot, a blog about trekking, always trying to be where no civilization is.

Who is writing here?

Most of the time it’s me: Hauke, software developer from Hamburg, Germany. I love trekking, preferably in regions where nobody else is, with gear, nobody else wants to carry. Comfortable huts, campsites or event hotels are foreign to me.

The special thing about this blog

More and more people go trekking/hiking, which is good, because it makes fun, is healthy and you’ll always experience great things. Most of the people, however, use (marked) hiking trails, which is not the case with me. I love to go off-road … or off-trail.

“I would never recommend doing this hike, as you have it planned now. […] Highly experienced mountaineers and hikers have lost their lives here.”
Another reddit.com user

Too dangerous for others, but - with proper preparations - a welcome adventure for me ;)

About the name

I thought long about a name and came up with The green spot, because there are two meanings in there: First is my tent bright green and second, there are a lot of green spots in the world to discover.

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