Iceland 2018

Our first Iceland trip. This was taken on out third day after crossing the Fremri-Emstruá having the glacier Entujökull in the background. (0.71MB)


Travel reports

  • Report 1 (Day 1 - 3: Arrival, Þórsmörk, Bíldufell)
  • Report 2 (Day 4 - 7: Innri-Emstruá, Mælifell, Hólmsárlón)
  • Report 3 (Day 8 - 12: Strútslaug, Syðri–Ófæra, Eldgjá, Skælingar hut, Sveinstindur emergency hut)

Coming soon:

  • Report 4 (Day 13 - ?: Langisjór, Stakihnúkur)
  • Report 5 (Day ? - ?: Landmannalaugar)
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I'm a software developer from Hamburg, Germany who loves hiking and beeing outdoor active. When I'm at home, I work on this blog and other software projects, contribute to OpenStreetMap or watch tons of series ;)
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